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Our PVC pipes are designed to meet the diverse needs of industries, agriculture, and residential projects. Known for their exceptional corrosion resistance, durability, and cost-effectiveness, PVC pipes offer a reliable and long-lasting solution for various fluid transportation purposes. Whether you require PVC pipes for water supply, drainage, irrigation, or plumbing systems, we have a suitable option to match your specific requirements.

To ensure secure and leak-proof connections, we provide a wide array of PVC fittings, including couplers, elbows, tees, reducers, and more. Our PVC fittings are precision-engineered to fit seamlessly with our PVC pipes, offering easy and efficient installation.

Whether you are a contractor, engineer, or homeowner, our PVC pipes and fittings are the ideal choice for constructing durable and efficient piping systems. Explore our diverse product catalog and experience the excellence that sets YiHeng Pipes apart in the PVC piping industry.

  • PVC-U Pipes And Fittings

    PVC-U Pipes And Fittings

    PVC-U pipes(UPVC) is unplasticized polyvinyl chloride, which does not contain plasticizers. YiHeng provides you with PVC-U(UPVC) pipes and fittings that meet the different standards required, due to its advantages, pvc u joint pipe fittings are widely used in water supply, waste water treatment and...
  • PVC-M Pipes And Fittings

    PVC-M Pipes And Fittings

    In order to improve the toughness of PVC and ensure the durability of the toughness, we developed a method of only increasing the toughness without adopt any plasticizers, in this way pvc m pipes are produced. The addition of the impact modifier increases the ductility of the material while maintain...
  • PVC-C Pipes And Fittings

    PVC-C Pipes And Fittings

    Chlorinated Poly (Vinyl Chloride) (PVC C) Plastic Pipes are suitable for chemical industrial, medical and pharmaceutical industrial, hospital, metallurgical industrial, water treatment, high-voltage electrical transmission.

    1. DN: 20-400mm
    2. Package: 3/6/9/12m/ Pcs for straight or as required
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