HDPE Pipes For Water Supply

HDPE Pipes For Water Supply
HDPE Pipes For Water Supply
HDPE Pipes For Water Supply
HDPE Pipes For Water Supply
HDPE pipes are high density polyethylene. YiHeng adopts advanced HDPE pipe extrusion production lines to ensure the full melting and plasticization of raw materials, thereby ensuring that HDPE pipes have excellent resistance to fast and slow cracking in use. HDPE pipes are suitable for water supply, drainage or sewerage under pressure applications, Agricultural irrigation etc. 1.DN: 16-1600mm 2.SDR: SDR6, SDR7.4, SDR9, SDR11, SDR13.6, SDR17, SDR21, SDR26, SDR33, SDR41. 3.PN: PN32, PN25, PN20, PN16, PN12.5, PN10, PN8, PN6, PN5, PN4. 4.Material: PE100,PE100, PE4710, PE100RC 6.Delivery: 10-30 days depending on the total quantity. 7.Packing: 11.8m or 5.8m/Pcs for straight, 100/200m by coils for DN16-90mm. 8.Documents available: CO(Certificate of origin) 9.Inspection are welcome: Raw material, production process, delivery or third-party factory inspection
  • Introduction
  • Specifications
  • Application
  • Quick Details of HDPE Pipes For Water Supply

    Products Details Information
    Product nameHigh Density Polyethylene (HDPE) Drinking Water Pipes and Fittings
    BrandYiHeng pipeline(Customer brand is available)
    Dia RangesDN16-1600mm
    Raw materialPE100, PE4710, PE100RC...
    Applicationdrinking water, fresh water, drainage, mining, dredging, marine, industry, chemical, agricultural irrigation…
    ColorBlack with blue stripes, blue or others colors
    StandardsISO 4427,EN12201, AS/NZS4130, ASTM 3035, DIN8074, GOST18599, DIPS, ASTM F714...
    Matching productsHDPE pipe fittings, Customized PE fittigns,DI/ Steel backing ring flanges, Valves, water meter, flow gauge, welding machines and tools, etc.

    Description of HDPE Pipes For Water Supply

    ● Yiheng HDPE pipe is the ideal piping solution for public and private potable water systems. HDPE pipes for water supply features a service life of over 100 years and has the versatility to perform in a variety of conditions. HDPE pipes for water supply provides a logical, low-maintenance investment in municipal and private potable water applications.

    ● Yiheng HDPE pipe's long service life and low maintenance costs, coupled with its' ability to be installed with a variety of trench-less technologies leads to HDPE pipe having the lowest life cycle costs of any potable water piping system.

    Benefits of HDPE Pipes For Water Supply

    Yiheng HDPE pipe is well-suited for water supply applications. Beneficial properties of Yiheng HDPE piping systems include:

    Safe and reliable connection: Polyethylene pipes can be connected by high electric fusion or hot fusion, and the strength of the joint is higher than that of the pipe body; the polyethylene pipe and other material pipes can be connected by flanges, which is convenient and quick.

    Applicable to various ambient temperatures: The low temperature embrittlement temperature is extremely low, the applicable ambient temperature is from -60 degrees to 40 degrees, and can be safely constructed in any season throughout the year.

    Easy for construction: The unique flexibility of HDPE pipe can change its shape during construction to avoid obstacles and reduce the amount of construction pipes.

    Strong corrosion resistance: It can resist the corrosion of various chemical media (such as acid, alkali and salt erosion, organic matter), and the chemical media in the soil will not cause any form of degradation to the pipeline.

    Strong wear resistance: Among all engineering plastics, HDPE pipes for water supply has the highest wear resistance of plastics. The molecular weight and mechanical properties of HDPE pipes even surpass many metal materials (such as carbon steel, stainless steel, bronze, etc.).

    Leak-free joints: HDPE pipes are heat fused together to create a monolithic leak-free pipe system. The heat fused joints are as strong as or even stronger than that of the pipe itself.

    Small water flow resistance: The inner surface is smooth, its Manning coefficient is 0.009, and its adhesion is low, which reduces the pressure loss of the pipeline and the energy consumption of water delivery. Compared with other materials, its delivery capacity is stronger. Therefore, it is also more suitable for the transportation of ore sand and mud.

    Impact resistant: HDPE pipe resistant to impact, this feature makes it a favorable choice for large industrial or construction projects.

    Long service life: Under normal circumstances, its service life can reach 50 years.

    Low transportation cost: Compared with pipes made of other materials, such as steel pipes, concrete pipes, galvanized pipes, etc., it is light in weight, easy to handle and install, and greatly reduces construction costs.

  • HDPE Products Series

    HDPE PipeStandards AvailableCountry
    HDPE pipes for water supplyISO 4427 2019International Standard
    GB/T 13663 2018China
    EN 12201European countries
    AS/NZS 4130 2018Australian/New Zealand
    DIN 8074/8075Germany
    GOST 18599Russia
    ASTM D3035ASTM D3035 America

    ▲Other hdpe pipe for water supply specifications have not been shown on our dimension chart, please CONTACT US for more information

    hdpe pipe for water supply specifications


  • Applications of HDPE Pipes For Water Supply

    ◆ Municipal engineering water supply system

    ◆ Municipal sewage

    ◆ Mine drainage

    ◆ Ore sand or slurry conveying

    ◆ Building indoor water supply system

    ◆ Outdoor buried water supply system

    ◆ Residential area

    ◆ Buried water supply system in the factory area

    ◆ Old pipeline repair

    ◆ Replacement of steel pipes and PVC drinking water pipes

    ◆ Water treatment engineering piping system

    ◆ Garden irrigation

    ◆ Agricultural irrigation

    ◆ Fresh water/sea water purification projects

    ◆ Industrial water pipes

    ◆ Power Cable Conduit etc.

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