HDPE Pipes For Gaseous Fuels

HDPE Pipes For Gaseous Fuels
HDPE Pipes For Gaseous Fuels
HDPE Pipes For Gaseous Fuels
HDPE Pipes For Gaseous Fuels
When specifying a polyethylene pipe for gas or oil applications, it’s critical to make sure the manufacturer has a demonstrated capacity and is well experienced in fabricate this kind of pipes, another point important is also ensure the manufacture is honest and trustworthy who uses qualified raw materials. YiHeng takes this responsibility seriously. We only use qualified raw materials (PE100 or PE 4710) and manufacture HDPE pipes for gas & oil applications under pressure applications that meet the requirements of your demands on base of the different standards. 1. DN: 16-630mm 2. SDR: SDR11, SDR17, SDR21, SDR26 3. Raw material: PE100, PE4710 4. Package: 11.8m or 5.8m/Pcs for straight, 100/200m by coils for DN20-90mm
  • Introduction
  • Specifications
  • Application
  • Quick Details of HDPE Pipes for gas & oil applications

    Products Details Information
    Product nameHigh Density Polyethylene (HDPE) for oil & gas applications
    BrandYiHeng pipeline(Customer brand is available)
    Dia RangesDN16-630mm
    Raw materialPE100, PE4710
    ApplicationOil,Natural Gas,Petroleum,LPG(Liquefied Pettroleum Gas)etc.
    ColorBlack with yellow stripes
    StandardsGB 15558.1-2015, ISO 4437, EN 1555, AS/NZS 4130,ASTM D2513
    Matching productsHDPE pipe fittings, Customized PE fittigns,flanges, Valves, etc.

    Description of HDPE Pipes For gas & oil applications

    ● Yiheng HDPE Pipes for gas & oil applications strictly select raw material, we only use qualified virgin raw material. Because of its outstanding advantages, it has become one of the preferred high-quality pipelines for the construction of gas and energy distribution networks.

    Benefits of HDPE Pipes For gas & oil applications

    PE and HDPE safety gas pipe products not only have excellent long-term compressive strength, but also have excellent resistance to slow stress crack growth, fast stress propagation and excellent anti-sag performance. At the same time, PE and HDPE safety gas pipe:

    Environmental protection and energy saving: It is produced with polyethylene gas special material. The polyethylene raw material only contains two elements of carbon and hydrogen, which is harmless to the environment and green.

    Large circulation capacity: can effectively reduce the loss in the transportation process.

    High strength: Environmental stress, excellent anti-crack performance, good creep resistance, ensuring continuous and stable operation of transportation work.

    Strong toughness: Good product flexibility, excellent impact resistance, the pipeline is deformed by external impact without affecting the operation of the pipeline, and can be recovered, which can realize the joint action of the pipeline and the soil, and effectively ensure the safety of the pipeline.

    Corrosion resistance: Excellent corrosion resistance, the pipeline is not corroded by external acid, alkali and salt.

    Long service life: Under normal conditions, the service life can reach 50 years.

    High cost-effective: Low investment cost, convenient maintenance and less investment in the later stage, one investment with 50 years of worry-free use.

  • HDPE Products Series

    Pipe typeStandards AvailableCountry
    HDPE pipes for gaseous fuelsISO 4437International Standard
    GB/T 15558China
    EN 1555European countries
    AS/NZS 4130Australian/New Zealand
    ASTM D2513America

    ▲Other specifications have not been shown on our dimension chart, please CONTACT US for more information

    Specifications of HDPE Pipes For gaseous fuels applications


  • Applications of HDPE Pipes for gas & oil applications

    ◆ Oil transportation and distribution

    ◆ Natural Gas delivery

    ◆ Petroleum delivery

    ◆ LPG(Liquefied Pettroleum Gas) delivery

    ◆ For city and town gas delivery

    ◆ Landfill Leachate Treatment, Collection and Transportation

    ◆ Cross-sea water delivery project

    ◆ Post and telecommunications lines

    ◆ Agricultural irrigation

    ◆ Water supply

    ◆ Etc.

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